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  • 08.2023

    Album of the Month August 2023 Jussef Dayes - Black Classical Music

    Jussef Dayes - Black Classical Music

    Yussef Dayes, a prodigiously talented drummer known for his collaborative ventures, steps into the spotlight with "Black Classical Music," his debut solo album. While he's previously showcased his skills in live recordings and collaborations, this album marks a departure, delving into studio production and exploring a diverse range of styles across its 19 tracks.

    Drawing from influences spanning contemporary jazz to electronic music, Dayes crafts a sonic journey that challenges genre boundaries. The album's focus on the interplay between drums and bass guitar creates engaging grooves, reminiscent of dance music or dub. Tracks like "Raisins Under The Sun" featuring Shabaka Hutchings and "Chasing The Drum" highlight lush arrangements and West African grooves.

    Dayes' drumming ranges from complex and agitated to restrained and atmospheric, showcasing his versatility as a musician. While some may find the produced nature of the album stifling at times, there's a refreshing emphasis on groove and mood that captivates listeners. "Black Classical Music" offers an immersive experience, inviting listeners into Dayes' intricate musical world.