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  • 09.2023

    Album of the Month September 2023 - Cleo Sol - Heaven

    Cleo Sol - Heaven

    In her latest album "Heaven," Cleo Sol continues to carve out her niche as a defining voice in UK soul. With a track record of sold-out shows at prestigious venues like the Royal Albert Hall, Cleo's soulful fusion resonates deeply with her audience, drawing comparisons to the transatlantic appeal of Sade.

    Building upon the themes explored in her previous albums, "Heaven" delves into the complexities of enduring love, motherhood, and platonic relationships. Cleo's mature perspective infuses each track with a heightened sense of spiritual introspection, evident in songs like "Self" and the title track, where she explores themes of inner discord and self-love.

    From soulful ballads to buoyant piano-pop pieces, Cleo's music continues to resonate with listeners, offering solace and inspiration in equal measure. As murmurs of a US tour loom on the horizon, Cleo Sol's timeless voice promises to provide yet another unforgettable musical experience.