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    Besides my Album Of The Month section, there are many musical experiences that had an impact on my musical education.

    People ususally connect their lifetime memories with images or scents - I realized that I tend to recall those memories with music: Which song was played during the last summer of high school? When did I listen to a certain artist for the first time? How old was I when a certain album was released?

    With this blog, I would like to share these moments with you. Not categorized in a particular order, I will introduce you to one of my musical memories from time to time, wheter it is about a mix, a concert or a special album that I still remember until today.

    I hope you will find these moments worth reading. And if you do, please let me know!

    Leafar Legov

    Leafar Legov is a quiet but essential member of the Giegling family. He and Konstantin were making music together in Hannover before the label formed—today, they are Kettenkarussell, a live act and production outfit whose bittersweet sound embodies Giegling's ineffable ethos. Perhaps even more than his label-mates, Legov's relationship with club music seems purely conditional—he'll follow its guidelines only when they happen to suit his creative impulses. With Kettenkarussell, he makes what could loosely be described as downtempo house.

    On his solo records, he offsets ambient sketches with somber hip-hop instrumentals. But his personal musical universe is still, for the most part, a mystery—aside from "Blush," an excellent one-off from 2009 he made as Robert Oh, his first solo release was Giegling's latest EP, Talk, which came out in February. Abstract and subdued, it's a record that points to Giegling's emotional depth and stylistic open-endedness.

    Legov's RA Podcast is more committed to a 4/4 pulse, but it's still extraordinarily serene, ghosting through a sequence of vague and lovely cinematic images. Composed entirely of unreleased productions, it's a titillating glimpse of what Legov's got up his sleeve.


    Thomas Nau Escape. Spotify Playlist

    The Rise of Daft Punk

    Homework is the debut studio album by the French electronic music duo Daft Punk, released on 20 January 1997 by Virgin Records and Soma Quality Recordings. The duo produced the tracks without plans to release an album. After working on projects that were intended to be separate singles over five months, they considered the material good enough for an album.

    Homework's success brought worldwide attention to French house music. Homework charted in 14 different countries, peaking at number 3 on the French Albums Chart, number 150 on the United States Billboard 200 and at number 8 on the UK Albums Chart. By February 2001, the album had sold more than two million copies worldwide and received several gold and platinum certifications. Overall, Homework received positive critical response. The album features singles that had significant impact in French house and global dance music scenes, including the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play number-one singles "Da Funk" and "Around the World", the latter of which reached number 61 on the Billboard Hot 100.


    Thomas Nau Escape. Spotify Playlist

    My first Playlist

    Í have released a playlist on Spotify. It contains my favorite modern classical piano songs that I listen to, wheneveer I want to escape this busy world. Click on the image or this link!