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  • 07.2023

    Album of the Month July 2023 - Phi-Psonics - Octava

    Phi-Psonics - Octava

    Following their 2022 debut "The Cradle," Phi-Psonics' sophomore album maintains a restrained yet profoundly honest approach to both performance and production, echoing Matthew Halsall's praise of "beautiful, humble, and honest music."

    "Octava" pays homage to spiritual jazz, particularly evident in tracks like "An Offering," which features a nod to the later works of Coltrane, including a bassline reminiscent of "A Love Supreme." Here, the slow evolution of the tenor saxophone line gives way to Yoshida's captivating electric piano, leading into a complex and energetic deconstruction before returning to the contemplative theme. Despite the potential disruption, the quartet maintains a well-judged balance, seamlessly navigating the shifting dynamics of the composition.

    In essence, "Octava" invites listeners to delve beyond its surface allure and discover the rich tapestry of musical expression woven by Phi-Psonics. With each careful listen, the album reveals new depths, showcasing the quartet's profound musical connection and their ability to seamlessly blend influences while maintaining their own unique voice.