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  • 11.2022

    Album of the Month November 2022 Deru - We Will Live On

    Deru - We Will Live On

    "We Will Live On" was made with a Disklavier (an acoustic piano outfitted with solenoids that allowed it to be digitally controlled) and custom made software to sequence it. This made the piano appear to play itself. Technology seemingly embedded with humanity.

    Written with the backdrop of news about the worsening climate crisis and pandemic isolation, made themes of legacy, loneliness, helplessness, love and hope emerge. The title, We Will Live On, is meant as a question. Will we? And if so, in what way? Will this outlive me? Will technology outlive all of us?

    Beauty in the face of fear. Art to fill the void. The piano playing in an empty room. The piano man nowhere to be found.