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  • 12.2022

    Album of the Month December 2022 Natalya Tsupryk - When We Return To The Sun

    Natalya Tsupryk - When We Return To The Sun

    ‘When We Return To The Sun’ is the latest collection of music by Natalia Tsupryk and, following her contribution to the first Piano Day compilation in March 2022, her second release with LEITER. Over the course of the EP’s four tracks, the Ukrainian composer, who’s currently based in London, shares a very personal experience: the witnessing from afar of a war in one's homeland, processing and addressing what comes along with a suddenly – and painfully – changed reality.

    Recorded at LEITER’s Berlin studio, ‘When We Return To The Sun’ is a contemplative and intimately beautiful set combining classical instrumentation with electronic and electro-mechanical elements. From the atmospheric, piano-led chamber music of ‘Son Kolo Vikon’ and ‘The Sun Was Low’ – inspired by a Ukrainian folk song about two people and the pain of being apart – to the rather more optimistic ‘We Are Born’ and the deep and dark low synths of ‘Mariupol’, the EP summons Tsupryk’s feelings of grief and desperation, but also reflects upon the power of will and love in the era of a long and brutal war.