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  • 10.2022

    Album of the Month November 2022 Deru - We Will Live On

    S. Birch & A. Nowacka - Languoria

    Languoria is a collaboration between Denmarks Sofie Birch and Polands Antonina Nowacka. While Birch describes herself as an ambient musician, Nowackas primary instrument is her own voice; they share in common a facility for creating complex, layered work.

    Birch and Nowacka were first brought together by Unsound to perform at Ephemera Festival in Warsaw as part of a durational overnight performance. Entirely improvised, the music already felt coherent, with Nowackas voice weaving effortlessly through Birchs ambient soundscapes and field recordings, indicating an immediate, deep connection, a meeting of kindred spirits. The artists were reunited at Unsound Kraków to perform a morning show at a 19th-century synagogue. Here, the music took clearer shape, and the audience glimpsed the birth of works that would eventually take the form of individual tracks on Languoria.