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  • 09.2022

    Album of the Month November 2022 Romance & Dean Hurley - In Every Dream Home A Heartache

    Romance & D. H. - In Every Dream Home A Heartache

    Romance and Dean Hurley combine for In Every Dream Home A Heartache, an album-length celebration of the curdled glamour and heart rending melodrama of US daytime soap operas. Entirely sampled from VHS dubbed broadcasts bit-crunched by early YouTube codecs, plaintive claims of love and desperate accusations of betrayal reside against lossy drenched grand pianos and mirage-like synth pads under a canopied sonic gauze of low fidelity.

    Perhaps the longest-running, most disposable scripted genre in television history, the daytime serial lent itself to a particular brand of concentrated, hyper-melodramatic examinations of moral conflicts, secret relationships, adultery, and familial turmoil amidst the mundane landscape of the domestic interior. A truly under-examined format that wove drama and intrigue amidst a continuous, open narrative, Soap Operas were designed and crafted specifically to addict and sustain their daytime audiences with escapist storylines that perpetually cascaded drama into drama.