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  • Thomas Nau Music Management and Artist

    Welcome to my website


    I am Thomas, and welcome to my website. On the following pages you will find more information about my professional experience and my biggest passion in life: music.

    Growing up with the favorite electronic and indie bands of my older brother and sister infused my dream to be professionaly involved with music one day. After my media management studies I moved to Berlin, the European capital of the music industry. Since then I have continuously expanded my knowledge collaborating with world leading artists and brands.

    Questions, comments, ideas to collaborate? Get in touch with me via my contact form.

    But for now, have fun looking around.


    Thomas Nau Music Management Agency

    Music Management & Digital Marketing

    In 2020, I embarked on the journey of founding my own music management agency, driven by a passion to empower artists in their professional careers within the music industry. With expertise honed over years of navigating the digital landscape, I spezialized in digital marketing to craft tailored strategies that optimize ROI and drive tangible results for my clients.

    Find out more about my professional background and check out my references.


    Thomas Nau Music Blog

    Everything about Music

    I have been collecting records from my early ages on and I am constantly searching for new inspiring artists all over the world. In this section I will introduce you to my favorite album of the month.

    I am also writing a blog from time to time with musical memories of the past.


    Thomas Nau Piano Lessons in Berlin

    Piano lessons and more

    My relationship with the piano is very special. I am a life long student of this wonderful instrument. Now it is about time to give back some of my knowlegde by giving piano lessons to beginners and intermediates who want to improve their skills.

    I am also writing my own music if you are interested or want to have a listen.