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  • 05.2023

    Album of the Month May 2023 The Circling Sun - Spirits

    The Circling Sun - Spirits

    The debut album "Spirits" from New Zealand jazz collective The Circling Sun, set to release this May on Soundway Records, is an eagerly awaited gem. Comprised of record collectors, music producers, and DJs, the group channels influences from jazz luminaries such as Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders, and Alice Coltrane.

    With six tracks on the vinyl edition and a total of eight songs, "Spirits" encapsulates the essence of the band's inspirations. Spiritual grooves, transcendent horn solos, and meditative tones blend seamlessly with hypnotic Latin rhythms and choir vocals featuring predominantly Pacific Island and Maori singers—an homage to their cultural roots.

    From start to finish, "Spirits" is a remarkable debut that takes listeners on a cosmic journey through its stellar compositions. With its celestial sounds and masterful execution, this album is undoubtedly a strong contender for record of the year.