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  • 03.2024

    Album of the Month March 2024 - Nils Frahm - Day

    Nils Frahm - Day

    Nils Frahm shares a new collection of solo piano music, his first album since 2022’s three-hour 'Music For Animals'.

    Day' may come as a surprise to those who, over the last decade, have watched Frahm shift slowly away from the piano compositions with which he first made his name in favour of a nonetheless still-distinctive approach that’s considerably more instrumentally complex and intricately arranged.

    Characterised by its confidential mood, the new album confirms that, while Frahm is arguably now best known for elaborate, celebratory concerts calling upon an arsenal of pianos, organs, keyboards, synths, even a glass harmonica, he’s still a prolific master of affecting simplicity, tenderness and romance.