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  • 02.2022

    Album of the Month February 2022 Koreless - Agor

    Koreless - Agor

    After previously collaborating with other UK electronic musicians Sampha and SBTRKT, Lewis Roberts and his Koreless moniker have really come through with something special on his second album Agor. This is a kind of electronic music that takes little advantage of rumbling or vibrant low-end, but rather instantly captivating melodic synth lines that tingling with energy as they intertwined with rapid fire vocal sampling. Tracks like “White Picket Fence”, “Joy Squad” and “Shellshock” are driving with fast rhythms that can almost get the body moving, while others like “Black Rainbow” and “Frozen” bring you in with their alluring melodies. Agor might not lead you to any dance floor, but this is far from being anything lifeless or boring.