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  • 01.2021

    Album of the Month January 2021 Bicep - Isles

    Bicep - Isles

    Bicep's "Isles" tops the list of most anticipated electronic albums for 2021, marking their return after three and a half years since their groundbreaking debut. The album, inspired by their upbringing in Belfast, showcases a wider range of influences, incorporating elements from Hindi music, Bulgarian choirs, Turkish pop, and more.

    "Isles" takes listeners on a journey, from the dreamy ambiance of "Rever" to the Bollywood-inspired "Sundial," featuring a sample from the 1973 film "Raja Rani." The album closes with nostalgic 90s-influenced dance music on "Fir" and "Hawk," leaving listeners eager to rave once again.

    Bicep successfully avoids the sophomore slump with "Isles," infusing the album with diverse influences while staying true to their euphoric rave sound. When the time comes to dance again, these tunes will undoubtedly ignite the dance floor with their infectious energy.