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  • 06.2021

    Album of the Month June 2021 - Aver & Move 78 - The Algorithm Smiles Upon You

    Aver & Move 78 - The Algorithm Smiles Upon You

    The Berlin-based band consists of Doron Segal on keyboards, Nir Sabag on drums, Hal Strewe on bass and Aver on sampler and production. The eight tracks of their EP are crafted from hours of studio improvisations, that have then been chopped-up, rearranged, and layered with additional strings, flute and horns. This many-layered approach has helped create the band’s signature sound: a balance between free flowing jazz and automated, programmed hip-hop.

    Whilst Einaudi may be one of his biggest musical inspirations, Feitsma also counts sociologist Max Weber and philosophers Jean Paul Sartre and Albert Camus among the inspirations for his new album. Their work "intimates a world bereft of intrinsic meaning... and is paradoxically the inspiration for Feitsma's playing - cathartic, soul-stirring of inspiration and purpose, self-determined structure and meaning through repetition." [Rood Media]